Electric fence installers Kenya

Oftentimes customers will ask the cost or pricing of electric fences installers Kenya or the cost of fencing posts in Kenya depending on the location they wish to install their electric fences. If you are reading this then it means you have landed on the right page. Our company top security is an electric fences installer Kenya and understand most of the requirements in secure and proper installations.

In essence, electric fences installer Kenya are meant to stop any intruder with bad intentions from making their way into your property. The electric fences installers kenya is designed in a way that whoever or whatever touches will invoke an electric circuit that will lead to a shock. The shock will immobilize and thus scare away the intruder. Electric fences installers Kenya go hand in hand with razor wires in Kenya. The component that converts the power into a momentarily high voltage pulse is known as the power energizer

In the functionality of the electric fences installer Kenya project there is one terminal linked to the power energizer and usually releases the pulse over a naked connected wire. Additionally, there is another terminal that is connected to a metal rod that is sunk into the ground -its referred to as the earth road or simply the ground.

The reason the person or animal touching the fence is electrocuted is because they act as the the completion element. In other words they complete the electric circuit thus conducting the electric pulse. They are a number of factors that affect the magnitude of the electrical shock in the electric fencing installations in Kenya depends on a number of things such as the energy of the pulse itself, the level of the contact between the fence and the human body, also the route of the electric current in the body. The route of the electric current manifests itself in various degrees meaning it can be barely unnoticeable, too painful or even severe.

Electric fences energizers in Kenya

In regards to the location or the remoteness of the area to be fenced the fence energizers might be hooked into a permanent electrical circuit which can be run by dry cells or lead-acid batteries or one that is charged using the power of the solar panels. In ideal situations electric fences installers Kenya do not consume a lot of power meaning that  a lead acid battery may last for several weeks on a single charge while power a few hundred length of fencing in Kenya.

Electric fences installers Kenya materials

Typically, smooth steel wire is the material of choice for most electric fences dealers in Kenya when installing electric fences around the country. These smooth materials range from fine thin wires employed as single lines to thicker wires used as well.

Top security technologies is a proud supplier, installer, and maintainer of electric fencing installations in Kenya. Talk to us now  for more information on the costing and pricing of electric fences installers Kenya.