CCTV camera installation Kenya

Top security technologies offer CCTV camera installation Kenya in different variations. The type of cameras to be installed are determined by a number of factors and we ensure we help our clients to choose the best CCTV surveillance cameras Kenya. Once you are set on installing the ideal CCTV camera Kenya its good to get ideas on the best product set for a particular CCTV camera installation Kenya.

Now besides the cameras commonly set up by CCTV installers in Kenya discussed below we do have other types of accessories or names synonymous with the main cameras such as site specifics one.

Bullet CCTV camera installation Kenya

Typically, the bullet camera is mounted on a wall or the ceiling. They can be set up for indoor or outdoor use in a protective area. It's the shape that contributes to its name. It has a sleek cylindrical shape. The good thing about Bullets CCTV surveillance cameras Kenya is that they are waterproof. The functionality is minimal in bullets CCTV camera Kenya since it does not zoom, pan or tilt. Usually, all its captured images are from a fixed point of reference. Top security a CCTV camera company Kenya supply bullets camera.


 Dome CCTV camera installation Kenya

As the name suggests they are dome shaped (they are housed in a dome shaped covering). The structure covering are meant unobtrusive, they are not intended to be hidden. You will find them at open public places as a means to tut patrons at ease. For one the dome CCTV camera installation Kenya will ensure that burglars are put at bay while at the same time giving the people who frequent your residency peace of mind because of the boosted protection. We also have speed dome CCTV surveillance cameras Kenya. They can spin rather fast as a part of their functionality.

Covert camera installs Kenya

As the name suggests this type of CCTV camera gadgets are tiny. Usually they are meant to be used for covert operation to speak. In essence the choice is for the purpose of capturing images in hidden fashion

Discreet Cameras(spy cameras Kenya)

they can't take nay shape or form imaginable because they can easily fit in motion sensors, clocks, clothing, closets, smoke detectors and so on so forth. They are discreetly placed to capture images unknowingly at your residence of workplace in Kenya. In the past they have been used as surveillance machinery to curb violence against children by their nannies. So if your find a good spy camera from a CCTV company in Kenya such as Top security technologies then you and your family are protected.  

Infrared/Night Vision surveillance cams Kenya

One of the greatest advantages of these types of Cameras is that they have the ability to capture image in the dead of the night. They employ IR LEDs in Kenya. With these types of cameras you are able to view anything happening around your home or  office premises during the night.

Outdoor CCTV cameras Kenya

There are a number of cameras that fall under this category. The key element in this type of cameras is the housing itself. It should be strong and waterproof to ensure that moving objects or animals, moisture, dusts or other elements do not penetrate through.

Day/Night: Now there are other CCTV cameras surveillance systems in Kenya that can perform optimum during the day and night. They are best for outdoor applications such as the compound, parking area, shopfronts, cafes among others.  With this type of cameras from Top security technologies you will have 24/7 protection.

Varifocal cameras Kenya: A camera with a varifocal lens allows the operator to zoom in or out while still maintaining focus on the image.


 Network/IP cameras systems Kenya

They can be easily accessed remotely over an internet connection. You can either get them hardwired or wireless where by they transmit the image collected over the internet. The owner can access the data through a laptop or handheld devices such as  Smartphone or Tablets. Basically, what happens is that the IP cameras In Kenya data is compressed to ensure that it does not overwhelm the web. They are quite easy to install.

Wireless CCTV cameras in Kenya

Its good to note that not all wireless CCTV cameras for sale in Kenya function as IP cameras. They are others that employ different form of transmission. Just like the IP Cameras these too offer high level flexibility.

PTZ/Speed Domes Kenya; as CCTV cameras suppliers in Kenya Top security technologies offer the best pan/tilt cameras. The good thing about these type of camera is the control they give the operator. In actual sense they can be moved sideways or up and down or even zoom the subject when need be. As such such the cameras will be ideal with operator on hand to ensure they are used to the best of the ability. They also come in automated functionality whereby the camera is timed through its functionality. If its one camera then these type of cameras will do

High-Definition Cameras

Definitely these gadgets are HD CCTV cameras in up for sale  Nairobi  and in every store branch in partnership or run by Top security Technologies. They are typically installed in specific markets such casinos. 

Top security technologies are proud suppliers, installers and maintainers of a broad range of CCTV cameras in Kenya such as those described above. Talk to us now: Call us or email us for more information.