Security consultants

Top security technologies is a security systems Kenya Company. One of the key ingredients in our services tray is security consultancy Kenya. The security industry in Kenya has Grown over the past four years and we take much pride to have participated in building a fruitful industry such as this one. The reason we talk consultancy seriously is because a clients need a bit of orientation or sound advice before embarking on the process of installing security systems Kenya. Basically top security technologies advice clients on the best security practices. In reality security systems Kenya encompass a number of products and services. Some of these products do work wonders when used together through integration. For instance a CCTV camera system Kenya will work well together with a biometric access control system Kenya.

The CCTV cameras Kenya will handle the monitoring while the biometric access control Kenya will help in offering much control and discretion for the user. Such important information needs to be shared with our valuable clients. In fact, as a rule of thumb its always crucial to advice a security customer prior to embarking on any installations. As you will see under the products and services section, top security offer advice on a myriad of these including but not limited to CCTV camera systems, Biometric access control systems, Security alarm systems, electric fences Kenya, automatic gates kenya, Razor wires Kenya, metal detectors, Fire alarm systems Kenya, Intercoms, Video door phones Kenya, Car port shade Kenya and fire extinguishers.

The extensive security systems Kenya covers a wide range of what we've highlighted above. Therefore, its pertinent for a client to be armed with the right information before they choose to buy our products or services. Additionally, there are certain criteria or requirements that need to be enforced before you even think of setting up a particular security system. We will walk you through the entire process and ensure you get the best out of expertise, experience and the availability of innovative and modern security solutions.

The question is why should you choose Top Security Technologies? Our onsite experience and expertise allows us bring a wholesome approach to service delivery. Security systems Kenya is our forte and we ensure that our individual and corporate customers get the best in security consultancy Kenya. Simply put our advice saves lives and you should try us now.

What to look for in CCTV Cameras installations in Kenya

Granted, everyone would want to at least have an idea on how CCTV cameras installations in Kenya is done. Perhaps not really to become a professional in the industry but to be aware of what is required in the installations process at your commercial premises or home. There are a number of CCTV companies in Kenya and installers who offer broad services in security system installations and more specifically in the noble art of CCTV cameras set up. Now, there are number of factors that you can look for before installing the security system at your home. Some of the factors to consider include the basics such as price and the strategic location while others are function specific. Firstly, before you even consider CCTV cameras Kenya its important to identify the problem they will solve.

Secondly, you need to consider the camera types and functions. Now with the function in mind it becomes easier for you to settle on the right camera. The general idea in identifying the need to be met plus the camera's type and function is to reduce the time you will spend looking for it. They say that knowledge is power and this can be easily applied here with much certainty as possible.

Get to know how CCTV cameras Kenya work

Basically, the closed-circuit television cameras located at homes or at the office are linked to a DVR recorder which means that the footage recorded is directed to the specific location. There are a few elements that compose of a CCTV camera Kenya which are the sensors, signal processors(digital) and the lens. Typically, its the lens that captures the images with the help of natural light, the images are then passed to the sensor and finally to the signal processor which creates a TV signal from the information collected. The signal is either transferred through wires or wirelessly to the DVR machine or a storage gadget.

What to keep in mind when purchasing CCTV cameras Kenya live in Kenya

Let's look at what you have to consider when you intend on buying CCTV cameras. The best think to look into first is the components that make up a CCTV camera.

The camera's sensors

What do you look for in a camera sensor? There are two key things you need to consider which are the design and the size. There are simpler CCTV sensors that employ less power CMOS while others use CCD. The former misgiving is that it does not translate to clear images and also not very sensitive. This becomes an issue when you cannot distinguish between subjects when reviewing the footage. It is their shortcoming that make CMOS powered sensor use more power than those with CCDS in order to create a clear image. The size in a CCTV camera sensor for sale in Nairobi is also considered because the larger it is the more light it can take and thus the quality of the image is notch higher. They come in different sizes and should be seriously consider when you a purchasing a CCTV camera.

The optimum lens in a CCTV cameras Kenya

The main function of the camera lens is to gather light for the sensor. The lens is more like the human eye lens collecting all the data that will be send to the storage gadget. Its strength or weakness will play a key role in determining what the CCTV camera can actually see. The focus is also controlled by the lens. In other words if you find a CCTV camera up for sale in Nairobi you with a powerful lens then that means you are on the safe side. Ideally, the zoom lens is the right lens for a CCTV camera. In some instances you will find cameras enabled with a digital zoom while others come with an optical zoom. Preferably, its advisable to go for the optical zoom because of the ability to identify finer details that can be easily missed by the digital zoom(typically gives out what is already there).


Settling for the right output resolution

Simply put the output resolution is the collection of flatly running lines of television resolution that a CCTV camera Kenya can emit. For most cameras you will notice that the output resolution is between 380 VTL and 540 TVL, there is a minimum stuck right between the two depending on the expert you consult. The output is dependent on the input and this can be best illustrated in that sensors and lens in the CCTV camera need to be able to handle the output resolution to avoid putting to waste the extra resolution. But for the layman reading this you just need to have a resolution that can clearly show images that are being produced by the camera. However, when you work with expert CCTV camera installers in Kenya such as top security technologies all this will be dealt with by us.

You also need to know the various type of CCTV cameras available in Kenya

So far if you were not aware you now know know that cameras come in different types and sizes. We will highlight some of the CCTV cameras for sale in Nairobi below.

Bullet CCTV cameras Kenya; they are typically small and cylindrical, you will notice them in offices where employers or bosses need to monitor what is going on when they are not around. However that does not mean that they can't be placed in other strategic positions as well. Since they are affordable you will find that even smaller supermarkets have them installed within their premises.

Dome CCTV cameras Kenya; as the name suggest dome cameras Nairobi are in a dome shape and its very hard for people to know which side they are facing. That way they will increase the level of security along the places they are installed.

Night vision camera; the greatest advantage about these cameras is the fact that they provide surveillance for an entire day running through 24 hours. During the night they emit black and white images because of the use of infrared but its colored during the daytime.

When you are armed with this information its quite easy to locate and purchase the ideal CCTV cameras Kenya. Its advisable to work with professionals such as Top Security Technologies to ensure that you get the best out of your hard earned money. You can check out some of the services we offer such as CCTV supply and installations in Kenya.

Car Port Shades Kenya

Honestly, we all want the best for our cars regardless of design, shape or color. In order to maintain a car's longevity on Kenyan roads, there are a number of things that one can do including working with car parking shade installers Kenya. However let's sieve through most of them and focus on a trend that that is catching on for its efficiency, convenience, and cost-effectiveness from a number of reasons.This is all about the car parking shade systems Kenya and their usefulness.

People are finding it cheaper working with the right car parking shade installers Kenya through the right companies than to build a large an expensive garage around their compound. The good thing is that Top security technologies is a car parking shades installer Kenya company with vast experience in the right car port materials and expertise on their installations and maintenance.

Of course, it's good to know that car parking shades installers Kenya are not only meant for use around the home. They can be easily installed at a parking lot at your office block. Certainly, the office tenants and their clients will appreciate the good gesture from the management. There are number of car port ideas that you can follow for your car port installations or creation. The following are some of the ideas that you can your for your port.

Shade sails

Why would you consider shade sails for your car port? For one they are cheap, we usually advice clients after consultations to pick up shade sails car port systems because they come in cheap. Secondly, they come in a number of colors and designs. That means that you will be spoiled for choice if you choose to settle on the shade sails. In addition, top security is ensures that clients get them in the right packaging meaning that they can be prefabricated from our workshops or they can be seamlessly customized to fit your desires as a client.

If you are worried about whether you are safe with your car port shades in Kenya than you are lucky since our car port fabrication ensures that we get the right fit water proof material. Here is a strong structure that comes with added advantage of waterproof protection. The benefits with working with a professional car parking shade installers Kenya company In fact, they are not very hard to install and will be done easily to ensure that you have a car protection at your residency or commercial premises in no time!

The more permanent Shade Structures & Cantilevers car port in Kenya

Oftentimes, clients are concerned about the permanency of the car port shade structure thy plan on installing around their property. Cantilevers are those type of structures that will have a permanence with their installations on a specific ground. Typically cantilevers come with PVC fabric firmly held by a steel structure below. They can withstand all weather and will provide great protection for your car all year round. Just like a normal permanent structure top security technologies will offer car port shade system with the right fittings include a drainage system. And that is great benefit of installing such a permanent structure.

Steel structures

I bet you have seen one of the type of car port shade systems around the streets of Nairobi, Kenya. Its because most of the car port shade systems are made of steel. Understandably, its because of the strength offered by a steel structure. If you are looking for car port shades systems for your commercial premises then we advice you to go for steel structures because its robust and bring with it a permanency you can rely on. However, you should know because of their convenience they are a bit expensive compared to the other type of car port shade systems in Kenya installed by recognized car parking shade installers Kenya company.

Lastly, its good to mention that we can easily customize car port shade systems for you from a reliable car parking shade installers Kenya depending on your needs and requirements. Therefore, you are covered as far as car port installations are concerned. Top security technologies will gladly deliver and install the car port shades systems around your ideal location for quite an affordable price. Talk to us now for the quotation on the right shade system for your car.

CCTV cameras in Kenya

Security is Kenya is both an emotive and contentious issue. There is the aspect of what citizens can offer themselves as a form of security and the much that authority can do. A reason citizens need to familiarize themselves with a CCTV camera company Kenya such as top security technologies. Oh well, it only extends to a certain aspect and we as Kenyan citizens take up the rest.

That's why we are here discussing CCTV camera installations Kenya and the power of working with the right CCTV camera company Kenya. Of course, I bet you found yourself on this page looking for the right help as far as CCTV cameras are concerned.

Give it to yourself for finding finally realizing that you need to see the benefits of  CCTV camera installations Kenya  for home or office plus the working with the right CCTV camera company Kenya. Our expertise in security systems is diverse and professionally best. If the topic on security system is broadly considered there is so much that can be said. In fact more ways of presenting the content would have to be employed to ensure that the population grasp the full benefits of installing and working with the best CCTV cameras installers in Kenya.

Its not a complicated subject and it shouldn't be at all times. First off its good to know that the CCTV cameras selections are extensive and tailored for specific functions. They range from bullets dome CCTV cameras in Kenya, From IP cameras(internet accessible cameras) to spy cameras(ideal for monitoring activities at certain places that are both residential and commercial. Each of this Camera has a specific function and setting for optimum results.

For instance a bullet camera after CCTV cameras installations from CCTV camera company Kenya would be ideal for a targeted section of your premises. On the other hand the dome camera will be at home in a 360 degrees location view. Additionally, the IP cameras have become popular over the years because of their versatility. Here is a CCTV camera that can be easily accessed remotely. If you are are not familiar with tech talk I will break it down for you. Basically, the IP cameras is a camera that is connected to the internet and you can access its footage through a laptop, desktop or even smartphone. Therefore, you are totally aware of what is happening in the set location you have them installed.

Unlike most CCTV cameras, IP cameras have do not send their signals to a DVR but rather they do it through the air over the internet connection. You will be receiving the information collected in real time. Now with that in mind I think its easier for an individual to weigh the risks, costs and location before settling on the right choice of CCTV camera in Kenya.

As you are aware there are a number of CCTV camera company Kenya offering services in security system installations. We have distinguished ourselves from the rest through meticulous planning and professional deliberation to ensure we understand the client's security needs. We greatly consider the client's need screw installations. and merge them with our expertise to ensure that the clients is covered on all corners from the pricing to the final Top security is a leading CCTV camera installer and rely on our expertise to deliver upbeat consultations, right products supply and installations and maintenance after. We are in the business of securing Kenya and its citizens through the best way possible. Call us on our numbers for the right CCTV camera installations today.

Intercoms Kenya

Intercoms in Kenya as security systems just like video phones serve two main purpose; for convenience and security measures. The intercom systems is made up of a speaker or microphone that is linked to a controlling device. They come in wired and wireless types. Thanks to technology intercoms have become smarter over the eyes and a must have for most people who wish to enjoy the convince they come with. In Kenya, they are useful especially people living in a gated community(residential mostly) such as apartments, homes etc.

The great thing about security systems is that they can be easily integrated with others such as alarm and CCTV systems in Kenya. In case of an uninvited guest, intercoms in Kenya ensures that the home owner has control over their entrance into their personal space. For businesses, Intercoms play a key role of preventing intruders from making way into the premises and also securing property around the area.

Its good to note that Intercoms in Kenya need to be serviced regularly to avoid getting damage prematurely. Top security technologies offer services in supply, installation and maintenance of intercoms in the greater East African region and in Kenya as well.

Fire products

Top security technologies supplies myriads of fire extinguishers and fire fighting equipment for residential and commercial clients. Fire as a hazard and risk is certain in a country such as ours. It is for this reason that we offer modern fire fighting equipment that are ideally created for the African market. Typical fire fighting equipment come in different types for better performance in putting our fires in case of a risk.

Contact Top security for all your fire fighting equipment more specifically fire extinguishers now

Razor wires

Top security technologies works with well recognized brands to supply some of the best razor wires in the market. We have a national network and across network that help us to supply even to other countries. When you order through us we will arrange for transport plus the installations to ensure you have a readily installed fence at home. Typically razor wires are used alongside electric fences for security purposes around the perimeters in Kenya.

Our products are of the highest qualities with the backing of highly qualified personnel for the installation process. We have supplied razor wires in Kenya to learning institutions, homes, apartments blocks and so on.

Together, we can help supply, install and maintain razor wires in Kenya. Talk to us now for a quote on our prices.

Metal Detectors Kenya

To say that security is a risk in Kenya is an understatement. The threat of insecurity is so real here that

people have to put up all measures they can to protect themselves against the unforeseen danger. One key component is the security metal detectors. They come in various shapes, designs and sizes. There are walk ins, handhelds, under vehicles and so on. Depending on the purpose the buyer intends to use them for, one can easily choose the perfect pit for the right security measures. They are commonly used in public spaces such as Malls, schools,religious institutions, campus grounds etc.

Together with other security systems in Kenya, metal detectors are a great accessory and a must have in most ideal security solutions. Top security technologies is a supplier of all manner of security metal detectors such as walk through and hand held detectors.

Fire alarms and smoke detectors

In essence, a fire alarm systems is a collection of gadgets working in harmony to detect and notify people via audio visual elements in case of a fire, smoke or any related emergencies. The fire alarms systems in Kenya and the greater East Africa region are either automatic or manually activated through gadgets such as pull stations or call points. The fire alarms systems in Kenya can be found as mounted horns or sounders, they can also be in form of speakers to ring the alarm and the so common automated voice message warning people to evacuate the premise.

In most cases, fire alarms systems work well in commercial premises. And as you might note -in case you desire to install fire alarm systems from Top Security Technologies -the sounders can be set up in a variety of frequencies and tones even such as low, media and high pitched. The different designs on the sounders is dependent on the country of origin and the manufacturers.

Here in Kenya, fire alarm systems can be from different sources in terms of country of origin and this should not worry the client so much because our experienced personnel will handle the technical aspect of installing fire alarm systems while you only need to identify the product(with our help) as we conduct the survey and advice on how best to install the fire alarm systems.

Video Door Phones Kenya

The term security can never been taken lightly in any situation because of obvious reasons and perhaps not so obvious reasons that people simply choose to ignore. The reality is that the number of people taken insecurity serious in Kenya and other East African countries such as Rwanda, Tanzania or Uganda is less comparable to the risk factors. The video door phone plays a key role in securing your home alongside other security systems and components such as access control systems Kenya. It offers the customer some level of control and preparedness in case an attack or intrusion is to happen. It makes the process of welcoming guests easier especially when you are in an upper room. The video door phone integrated with CCTV cameras Kenya helps the own to verify any visitor from even before they make their way into the compound and subsequently your home.

Additionally, the security systems do come in lovely packages such as in wireless or wired modes. The wireless package gives the owner a leeway as far as securing their homes is concerned. Its no wonder that the most popular product in the market is wireless in its functionality and stature. The video door phones in Kenya kill two birds with one stone in that the video itself acts as a CCTV meaning that the home owner can easily see whats happening at the comfort of his bedroom or even living room. At the same time he doesn't have to walk all the way to let a visitor in when they come calling.

Top security technologies offers video door phones that are guaranteed security and convenience at its best. There are factors to consider before choosing a video door phones systems for your home, apartment or even business for instance, in case of a business holding sensitive information this should be seriously considered or the overall benefits of the business.

Another good example is the distance from the door (or gate) to where the home owners usually spend time most such as the living room area or the bedroom. Then there are other factors to consider such as between the wired or the wireless video door phone systems. Cumulatively, the Kenyan installer of video door phone is suppose to also look into the integration with other systems such as CCTV systems and access control systems in Kenya and the greater East African region.