Automatic gates Kenya are meant to offer much control in an already secured area. Ordinarily, automatic gates Kenya are placed at the entry points in residential or commercial areas. While in use the automatic gates will control the accessibility to an area on a timely and regular basis. Top security as a leading designer and installer of automatic gates in Kenya prides itself in unmatched service delivery and you can see some of the work we have done as a security systems company for the past few years we've been in the business.

Now in motion, a commercial business park in Kenya might have an automatic gate integrated with other security systems such as alarms control and CCTV cameras to fortify security within and around the commercial premises. Therefore, all gates entering and leaving the business park only have a control entry and exit point which is the automatic gate Kenya. Another great example and use for an automatic gate Kenya is an interior space. For instance you will find a automatic gate Kenya in a parking garage. Also top security is a recognized company as far as car port shade installations in Kenya are concerned. They too play a pivotal role in affordable garage placement around your home.

The automatic gate Kenya in an interior space will help in the separation of places such as the public area from the employee section parking. Typically automatic gates Kenya are comprise of two main components which are the gates itself and the gate opener.

Components of an Automatic Gate

The gate: its a solid structure or object that is usually moved to ensure that gate does not open. As you will notice in most of the automatic gates Kenya installed by top security technologies, gates are in ornamental irons or chain links. They are designed as the fencing materials used around the perimeters of the premises. In other words, the perimeter fencing will determine the type of gate designs.

The gate operator is a contraption that moves the gate in and out. The gate operators are electrically powered and can be gear driven, hydraulically powered or even chain driven depending on the type of operator used.