Granted, everyone would want to at least have an idea on how CCTV cameras installations in Kenya is done. Perhaps not really to become a professional in the industry but to be aware of what is required in the installations process at your commercial premises or home. There are a number of CCTV companies in Kenya and installers who offer broad services in security system installations and more specifically in the noble art of CCTV cameras set up. Now, there are number of factors that you can look for before installing the security system at your home. Some of the factors to consider include the basics such as price and the strategic location while others are function specific. Firstly, before you even consider CCTV cameras Kenya its important to identify the problem they will solve.

Secondly, you need to consider the camera types and functions. Now with the function in mind it becomes easier for you to settle on the right camera. The general idea in identifying the need to be met plus the camera's type and function is to reduce the time you will spend looking for it. They say that knowledge is power and this can be easily applied here with much certainty as possible.

Get to know how CCTV cameras Kenya work

Basically, the closed-circuit television cameras located at homes or at the office are linked to a DVR recorder which means that the footage recorded is directed to the specific location. There are a few elements that compose of a CCTV camera Kenya which are the sensors, signal processors(digital) and the lens. Typically, its the lens that captures the images with the help of natural light, the images are then passed to the sensor and finally to the signal processor which creates a TV signal from the information collected. The signal is either transferred through wires or wirelessly to the DVR machine or a storage gadget.

What to keep in mind when purchasing CCTV cameras Kenya live in Kenya

Let's look at what you have to consider when you intend on buying CCTV cameras. The best think to look into first is the components that make up a CCTV camera.

The camera's sensors

What do you look for in a camera sensor? There are two key things you need to consider which are the design and the size. There are simpler CCTV sensors that employ less power CMOS while others use CCD. The former misgiving is that it does not translate to clear images and also not very sensitive. This becomes an issue when you cannot distinguish between subjects when reviewing the footage. It is their shortcoming that make CMOS powered sensor use more power than those with CCDS in order to create a clear image. The size in a CCTV camera sensor for sale in Nairobi is also considered because the larger it is the more light it can take and thus the quality of the image is notch higher. They come in different sizes and should be seriously consider when you a purchasing a CCTV camera.

The optimum lens in a CCTV cameras Kenya

The main function of the camera lens is to gather light for the sensor. The lens is more like the human eye lens collecting all the data that will be send to the storage gadget. Its strength or weakness will play a key role in determining what the CCTV camera can actually see. The focus is also controlled by the lens. In other words if you find a CCTV camera up for sale in Nairobi you with a powerful lens then that means you are on the safe side. Ideally, the zoom lens is the right lens for a CCTV camera. In some instances you will find cameras enabled with a digital zoom while others come with an optical zoom. Preferably, its advisable to go for the optical zoom because of the ability to identify finer details that can be easily missed by the digital zoom(typically gives out what is already there).


Settling for the right output resolution

Simply put the output resolution is the collection of flatly running lines of television resolution that a CCTV camera Kenya can emit. For most cameras you will notice that the output resolution is between 380 VTL and 540 TVL, there is a minimum stuck right between the two depending on the expert you consult. The output is dependent on the input and this can be best illustrated in that sensors and lens in the CCTV camera need to be able to handle the output resolution to avoid putting to waste the extra resolution. But for the layman reading this you just need to have a resolution that can clearly show images that are being produced by the camera. However, when you work with expert CCTV camera installers in Kenya such as top security technologies all this will be dealt with by us.

You also need to know the various type of CCTV cameras available in Kenya

So far if you were not aware you now know know that cameras come in different types and sizes. We will highlight some of the CCTV cameras for sale in Nairobi below.

Bullet CCTV cameras Kenya; they are typically small and cylindrical, you will notice them in offices where employers or bosses need to monitor what is going on when they are not around. However that does not mean that they can't be placed in other strategic positions as well. Since they are affordable you will find that even smaller supermarkets have them installed within their premises.

Dome CCTV cameras Kenya; as the name suggest dome cameras Nairobi are in a dome shape and its very hard for people to know which side they are facing. That way they will increase the level of security along the places they are installed.

Night vision camera; the greatest advantage about these cameras is the fact that they provide surveillance for an entire day running through 24 hours. During the night they emit black and white images because of the use of infrared but its colored during the daytime.

When you are armed with this information its quite easy to locate and purchase the ideal CCTV cameras Kenya. Its advisable to work with professionals such as Top Security Technologies to ensure that you get the best out of your hard earned money. You can check out some of the services we offer such as CCTV supply and installations in Kenya.