Fire alarms and smoke detectors in Kenya

In essence, a fire alarm systems is a collection of gadgets working in harmony to detect and notify people via audio visual elements in case of a fire, smoke or any related emergencies. The fire alarms systems in Kenya and the greater East Africa region are either automatic or manually activated through gadgets such as pull stations or call points. The fire alarms systems in Kenya can be found as mounted horns or sounders, they can also be in form of speakers to ring the alarm and the so common automated voice message warning people to evacuate the premise.

In most cases, fire alarms systems work well in commercial premises. And as you might note -in case you desire to install fire alarm systems from Top Security Technologies -the sounders can be set up in a variety of frequencies and tones even such as low, media and high pitched. The different designs on the sounders is dependent on the country of origin and the manufacturers.

Here in Kenya, fire alarm systems can be from different sources in terms of country of origin and this should not worry the client so much because our experienced personnel will handle the technical aspect of installing fire alarm systems while you only need to identify the product(with our help) as we conduct the survey and advice on how best to install the fire alarm systems.