electric fencing Kenya

When you invest in electric fences Kenya from top security technologies you've just invested in more profitable business and living. Electric fences Kenya take off the stress of any intruder when you are not around. It helps in stopping intruders from making it in your secured area. Unlike traditional fencing, electric fences Nairobi tend to boost security even though it takes less time to set up. Additionally, you can use it for pasture management for a farmer or rancher or wildlife fencing Kenya if you run a resort in a Kenyan national park. The electric fences Kenya installed by top security functions in a a basic electrical approach.

Usually, its the electric fence energizer that turns power drawn from power lines or batteries into a high voltage pulse. A pulse is released every second by the energizers onto an insulated fence line. Typically, the pulse is roughly 150 microseconds long commonly referred as shock. In case of wildlife fences Kenya, an animal or intruder will be shocked when they touch the electric fence Kenya. The reason the intruder or animal is shocked is because the circuit is completed once they touch the electric fence Kenya.

The current flows from the energizer down the electrical lines and through the intruder. The current formed will find its way into the ground and thus completing the circuit. The shock will deter the intruder or animal from on applying more pressure on the fence. The pain the intruder feels once they touch the electric fence Kenya is momentarily but it presents the animal or intruder from doing nay damage or breaking through. In case of wildlife electric fences Kenya, the shock acts to stop animals from leaving the secured area. In addition, it does not physically harm the animals hide

Reasons why you should choose electric fences Kenya

Longer life: The electric fences Kenya lasts longer than other type of fences such as barbed wires.

Low cost: Unlike most type of fences, electric fences require less materials than conventional fences.

They are easy to construct because they use fewer and lighter materials.

They require low maintenance

In case of wildlife fences Kenya management the fences do not cause any physical harm on the animals