Car parking shade Kenya

Cars in Kenya and the greater eastern African region need the right protection when parked at home or in a public parking lot. It is for this reason car park shade system installers Kenya company such as Top security technologies provides the right and desirable car port shades solutions for residential and commercial properties. Car port shades in Kenya comes in a myriad of shapes and sizes depending on the clients need. As such they are fabricated using various materials. Top security technologies focus on the durable materials to ensure that the finished product extends protection for a considerable number of years.

Since 2011, Top security technologies has been fabricating customized car port shades in Kenya top client's choice). There are a number of colors available for the shades and also they colors do come in an array of shades too! As a car park shade system installers Kenya company we dedicate our efforts into ensuring the client is served well from the consultation, supply to the installations of car port shade Kenya.


Our car port shades Kenya supplies can be used in a number of places such as

  • Parking lot(residential or commercial)

  • Patio covers

  • Nurseries covers

  • Swimming pools

  • Play grounds

  • Grand stands

Choosing Top security technologies for your car ports shades in Kenya fabrication and installation is the most economical decision you can make as far as sun protection is concerned.

It's also good to note that a client can save much in case they need from car park shade system installers Kenya in large area such as in a commercial parking lot by simply sharing the stand side by side and back to back during installations of car port shades.

In the end the customer gets to choose the ideal setting with advice from us. Then this is followed by the preparation of a quotation after we've come to an agreement on ideal car ports shade Kenya. We always promise of high quality service delivery and the use of durable car ports shades materials. We are proud leading car park shade system installers Kenya.Talk to us now for a quoatation.